Ivanie Blondin


Ivanie Blondin is a three-time medalist at the ISU World Single Distance Championships. The mass start gave him two of his medals. After winning silver in 2015, the same year she rose to the top of the mass start World Cup standings, Ivanie rose to the top of the World Championships podium in 2016. She concluded the round. season  ranked 2 nd in the general classification of the mass start of the World Cup.

She started the 2016-17 season with mass start medals, including two gold, won in three World Cup stops. The top step of the podium at the World Championships, however, eluded him, but it has demonstrated its strength over traditional distances by winning the bronze medal in the 5,000 as a result of a 4 th place in the 3000m. Her versatility was also noticed at the 2017 Fall World Cups where she won silver in the 5,000m and mass start, in addition to bronze in the 3,000m and team pursuit.

Ivanie made her Olympic debut in Sochi 2014, four years after converting to long track. She previously competed in short track where she found success early on. At 14, she joined the National Junior Team, and at 17, she competed at the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse, where she won gold in the 1500m and silver in the 1000. mr. But after five concussions in the space of three years, she felt it was time to make a change.

In her final year at the juniors, she qualified for the national short track and long track teams. In 2010, she moved to Calgary to focus on the long track. After competing at the World Single Distance Championships in her first long track season, Ivanie’s 2011-12 season did not go as she hoped. She struggled with fatigue for several months until she was diagnosed with mononucleosis. As a consequence of the illness, she was transferred to the National Development Team for 2012-2013. However, she earned a spot on the World Cup squad and collected three medals in the team pursuit, including her first victory. She also finished the year in 3 rd rank in the mass start World Cup standings.

At PyeongChang 2018, Ivanie Blondin finished seventh in the 3,000m, and fifth in the 5,000m. At the mass start, she did not finish her race due to a broken skate, which caused her to fall.

About Ivanie

Getting into the Sport : Ivanie started skating in the courtyard of the family residence at the age of 2. She had been enrolled in figure skating lessons, but like a tomboy, she was much more drawn to speed skating. Her love of speed led her to choose speed skating over cross-country skiing. She started short track speed skating at the age of 14 before moving to long track at 20. Beyond speed skating:She enjoys fishing and off-road motorcycling. She completed an online training program at Robertson College to become a Veterinary Assistant. When she’s at home, she always eats shepherd’s pie with a glass of wine the day before a competition. She has a parrot called Gizmo and a dog named Brooke from a crossbreed of the Pyrenees and St. Bernard. Favorite Quote: « What matters is not the strength of the punches you land, it’s the number of punches you take while continuing to move forward. » « – Rocky

Faits saillants olympiques

Jeux Sport Épreuve Rang
Sotchi 2014Patinage de vitesse - piste longue3 000 m - femmes24
Sotchi 2014Patinage de vitesse - piste longue5 000 m - femmes14
Sotchi 2014Patinage de vitesse - piste longuePoursuite par équipes - femmes5
PyeongChang 2018Patinage de vitesse - longue piste3 000 m - femmes6
PyeongChang 2018Patinage de vitesse - longue piste5 000 m - femmes5
PyeongChang 2018Patinage de vitesse - longue pistePoursuite par équipes - femmes4
PyeongChang 2018Patinage de vitesse - longue pisteDépart groupé - femmes19

Palmarès international

Olympic Winter Games: 2018 - 4 th (team pursuit), 6 th (3,000 m), 5 th (5,000 m), 19 th (mass start); 2014 - 24 e (3000 m), 14 th (5000 m), 5 e (team pursuit)

ISU World Single Distance Championships: 2017 - 4 th ( 3,000m), BRONZE (5,000m), 10 th (mass start), 8 th (team pursuit); 2016 - 17 E (3000 m), OR (mass start), 6 th (team pursuit); 2015 - 7 e (3000 m), 6 e (5000 m), SILVER (mass start), 4 e (team pursuit); 2013 - 15 e  (3000 m), 8 e (5000 m), 8 e (team pursuit); 2011 - 14 th (3000 m), 15e (5000 m)

World Championships all events of the ISU: 2017 - 12 th (general classification); 2016 - 16 th  (general classification); 2015 - 6 th (general classification); 2014 - 18 th (general classification); 2011 - 20 th  (general classification)

ISU World Cup Ranking: 2016-2017 - 3 rd (mass start), 8 th (3,000m / 5,000m); 2015-2016 - 2 nd  (mass start), 9 th (3000m / 5000m); 2014-2015 - 1 re (mass start), 8 e (3000 m / 5000 m); 2013-2014 - 4 th  (mass start), 20 th (3000m / 5000m); 2012-2013 - 3 rd (mass start), 14 th (3000m / 5000m)